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Who We Are

AIRLINX Aircraft Services, Inc. is a diversified manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft components and ground support equipment products. Our customers include aircraft and ground support Original Equipment Manufacturers, airlines, distributors, and end-users worldwide.


We were founded in 1994 in Irvine, California as AIRLINX Aircraft Services Division. In order to expand our product offering, AIRLINX Aircraft Services, Inc. acquired the Fluid Products Division of TA Mfg. Co. in October of 1999 and incorporated, changing our name to AIRLINX Aircraft Services, Inc. The acquisition complimented our existing product base, providing AIRLINX Aircraft Services, Inc. with a complete line of value-added aircraft airborne components and ground support equipment products for potable waterlavatory servicepneumatic air start, and hydraulic oil applications. It is our focus to provide our customers with the highest quality, reliable products at affordable prices.

Our Strategy

At AIRLINX Aircraft Services, Inc. we are a company dedicated to providing the highest level of service and technical support for our valued customers. Additionally, we excel in bringing value-added products to market as required by our customers. This means adding new innovative products, equipment and services to solve a broadening array of customer and industry challenges worldwide. Our over-the-counter stock, just-in-time deliveries, and the ability to instantaneously support same day shipping requirements are second to none in the industry.

For non-inventoried items, and difficult to find parts, our short lead times make us the clear choice over the competition. Executing our strategy translates directly into our capability to assist and support customer requirements, while maintaining our commitment to provide superior solutions for our industry. We believe that our ultimate success is determined by implementing our strategy.

Our Mission and Culture

Our commitment to our clientele is our mission. AIRLINX Aircraft Services, Inc. will meet and exceed our customer’s requirements and provide unmatched value in our products and services. We continue to develop our employee’s skills and nurture their commitment and dedication to our company. Our people know the meaning of teamwork and quality, and we instill in them the values of integrity, honesty, and fairness in dealing with our customers and suppliers. Our culture can be realized in our universal values comprised of: Pride, Spirit, Commitment, Determination, and Passion.

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